The Zoo at The Edge of the World began as a play. Written for a college playwriting class, I conceived and developed the idea with my college roommates and best friends Nick and Matt Lang.

It had always been my fantasy to talk to animals, and I wanted to write about a kid who lived at a zoo. ZOO…

So exciting! Congrats Eric!



Watch the video of the brothers accepting the ice bucket challenge. (Not pictured: the brothers donating at

We did a thing!

But seriously, now is a great time to take a moment to learn about the ALSA and contribute if you can (we did!). Or to any of the plethora of worthy charities if another floats your boat. It might be a silly internet fad, and we can dismiss it as such, or we can use it as an opportunity to actually do something. Action is always better than inaction.

my-lifes-a-musical asked:

I have a few questions. Do you like Little Shop of Horrors? What role would you want to play in it? Also, what's your dream role? (In anything. Musicals, movies, books, etc...)

I love Little Shop! It’s so dark/smart/funny. Any of the roles are great, really.

I don’t really get the acting itch much anymore, but I always though Hairspray would be a super fun show to be in. Also, it’d be a dream role to direct/adapt a dark-comedy-play-with-music adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events!