NY Meetup

Heyo! A bunch of you have asked for it, so let’s do it!

Come hang with me in Central Park tomorrow (Saturday 7/25) at 1pm and we can talk about the Tin Can Brothers, musical theatre, life, the universe and everything. And if you’re nice I might give you some TCB swag!

To recap: 1pm. Bethesda Fountain. Central Park. New York, NY. Be there. (Bring snacks.)



Anyone in and around the Chicago area. Please attend ‘Chris Vicious: Champion of the World (a new musical)’. It seems that Chris is in fact a girl (imagine that). We have been asking for a female lead in a Starkid production. This isn’t exactly Starkid related but people showing up to this…

Daniel’s been working on this for a while, and I’m super stoked about it! If you’re in Chicago, really consider going to this reading tomorrow night. See where the piece is at in development, offer some feedback, and show Daniel that you want him to mount a full production of it!



Ways of Seeing Instagram

Isn’t it striking that the most-typical and most-maligned genres of Instagram imagery happen to correspond to the primary genres of Western secular art? All that #foodporn is still-life; all those #selfies, self-portraits. All those vacation vistas are #landscape; art-historically speaking, #beachday pics evoke the hoariest cliché of middle-class leisure iconography… Technology has so democratized image-making that it has put the artistic power once mainly associated with aristocrats—to stylize your image and project yourself to an audience as desirable—into everyone’s hands.

Wonderful post. (via Alan Jacobs)

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I love this sentiment.