Today’s superstars are clocking millions of eyeballs each week on their new content, raising and earning millions of dollars, and doing it all outside of the network and studio systems on sites like YouTube or Vine. They haven’t completely replaced traditional stars (yet), but are the new famous for the under-30 crowd. The medium of digital-first video relishes in embracing direct connection, collaboration, and a seemingly low barrier to entry for fans to become creators in their own right. How can this new style of celebrity shape pop culture, change the meaning of fame and how will it interact with the establishment over time? 

It’s Panel Picker time, and every year my awesome Tumblr friends give me so much love and enable me to speak on topics I’m passionate about to super engaged SXSW audiences. Thank you! This year I am only pitching one panel for Interactive, on the current state and imminent future of YouTube.  It features the amazing @meganwest, coreylubo and Sarah Weichel (who I don’t know if she has Tumblr  - edit, it’s itsswike!). 

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The Zoo at The Edge of the World began as a play. Written for a college playwriting class, I conceived and developed the idea with my college roommates and best friends Nick and Matt Lang.

It had always been my fantasy to talk to animals, and I wanted to write about a kid who lived at a zoo. ZOO…

So exciting! Congrats Eric!



Watch the video of the brothers accepting the ice bucket challenge. (Not pictured: the brothers donating at

We did a thing!

But seriously, now is a great time to take a moment to learn about the ALSA and contribute if you can (we did!). Or to any of the plethora of worthy charities if another floats your boat. It might be a silly internet fad, and we can dismiss it as such, or we can use it as an opportunity to actually do something. Action is always better than inaction.